The 5G Blue Box for Your Campus Network

The 5G Blue Box was custom built for the proof of concept project and set up for the first time in Nauen to test 5G.

The 5G Blue Box, which is powered by Media Broadcast, is the core element of the proof of concept, and houses core components and console units for the RAN (Radio Access Network). By means of the state-of-the-art, easily transportable stand, a 5G campus network can be set up virtually anywhere with a 5G antenna, as long as it is within a licensed frequency range.

Our Services:

  • Construction of your own 5G Blue Box
  • Set-up and operation of your own, personalized campus network
  • Frequency management (frequency planning, frequency applications at the Federal Network Agency)
  • Planning and designing a network
  • 24/7 support at our NOC (Network Operations Center)
  • Service, maintenance and interference elimination by Media Broadcast’s own network experts
  • Individual SLA (Service Level Agreement) and TTR (Time to Repair) tailored to your needs

5G Blue Box

Check Out the 5G Blue Box with Augmented Reality

Especially popular with organizers and producers, this is offered regardless of your providers and is deployable anywhere. You can get a 5G Blue Box together with a complete 5G core network.

Check Out the 5G Blue Box with AR (Augmented Reality)!
You can examine the 5G Blue Box virtually from every angle with the online AR tool.
Simply go to the AR symbol and scan the QR code.

High bandwidth:
No external interference from straining the bandwidth

Highest levels of security:
Private industrial frequency from our own campus site

Independent of providers:
It can be used by your own frequency spectrum 3.7 GHz – 3.8 GHz.

It can be deployed anywhere:
Small and compact, packaged in a flight case
Dimensions: 80 cm width x 120 cm height, 100 cm depth


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    The 5G Blue Box

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    The Core: 5G Blue Box

    5G Blue Box for the TV and Media Production



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