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Media Broadcast’s transmitter site in Nauen, not far from Berlin, is one of the oldest broadcasting transmitters in the world. It is being modernized and upgraded with new, innovative 5G technology.

On this site, we have set up a 5G campus network to function as a proof of concept. Businesses who want to try 5G and test its applications for the first time in a real-life environment can use our test network.

It is not just media firms and event organizers that are being offered a unique opportunity to try 5G and comprehensively test 5G applications on protected frequencies – firms from industry also have a unique opportunity to give it a go. There is a strong focus on applications which will make TV productions easier in future and make use of new features at the same time. For you, that means an independent
5G solution, offering complete flexibility.

Proof of Concept

Why Have We Built a 5G Campus Network on Our Own Site?

Development of Joint Use Cases

Development and testing of use cases for the media sector and the industry. Extending „wireless“ technology to new applications. Standardization of wireless communication.

Frequency Spectrum and Network Capacity

Protection of applications by your own frequency spectrum 3.7 GHz – 3.8 GHz. Sole access to entire bandwidth. Individual use of full spectrum capacity.

Infrastructure and Security

A one-stop shop: technical infrastructure down to the application level. Individual network design to meet your requirements. Data sovereignty and security as well as minimized downtime.

Get Set and Go with This Independent
5G System from Media Broadcast


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    Impressions of Our Transmitter Site

    Old meets new: the site houses not only 5G technology, but also historical exhibits from broadcasting history within the large broadcasting hall (1000 m2).

    These images may be used, saved, copied or published for journalistic or private uses within the framework of the applicable press and copyright laws, wholly or partially. If the images are published, „Media Broadcast“ should always be clearly referenced as the source.

    5G Technology in Nauen

    The Core: 5G Blue Box

    5G Blue Box for the TV and Media Production

    5G Campus Network for the Industry


    The proof of concept was developed with technical support from the following partners:


    The History of Our Transmitter Station



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